Magic City Detective - Wrath of the Ocean macOS iND


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Magic City Detective: Wrath of the Ocean

Version: no version
iNFO: Pre-Cracked by coz45, just install & play
Format nach dem Entpacken: .app
Mac Plattform: Intel
Sprache: English
Text: English
Größe: 781 mb


Powerful supernatural beings live among us! One of them, Ribeira Lima, the ocean siren, has become the public's favorite in Rio, but her role in human affairs may be much more consequential than anyone could have imagined. Her ability to soothe the ocean with magical singing is integral to her role, but she has gone missing, leaving no one to sing the Song of the Ocean. Meanwhile, an overwhelming tsunami coming to Rio threatens to sweep away everything in its path. You're the only one who can find Ribeira and save the city!

Solve the kidnapping case before you get caught in a wave!
Read faces to detect which one of Ribeira's friends wants to help her and which one is a wolf in sheep's clothing!
Leave no unexamined clues at the crime scene and assemble a collection of commemorative items scattered all over Rio!
Decide the fates of all the participants involved in the investigation, learn their stories, and develop relationships.
macOS 11 or later required


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