ChatGPT Custom GPTs - Build & Showcase with GPT Builder

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ChatGPT Custom GPTs - Build & Showcase with GPT Builder
Published 11/2023
Created by Hakan Oz
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Learn to create specialized GPTs for diverse sectors: legal, education, creative writing, and business applications.
What you'll learn
Learn to create personalized utility GPTs that can enhance your business processes, customer engagement, and innovation strategies.
Discover how to build and refine Custom GPTs, tailored for diverse applications - LawyerGPT and Copywriter GPT to educational aids like SAT Tutor GPT.
Transform the way you do business. This course isn't just about building AI; it's about creating a digital ally that understands your business inside out.
Learn how to create detailed system prompts for your specific usage
Custom GPT's are available only for Plus Subscribers
Will add videos on how to prompt GPT 3.5 model to get similar responses.
Embark on a Custom Artificial Intelligence Adventure: Join us in "Mastering Custom GPTs: Build & Showcase with GPT Builder," your comprehensive guide to harnessing the power of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs). This course is designed to evolve alongside the latest advancements in AI, with new case studies added regularly to keep your learning experience fresh and up-to-date.What You Will Learn:AI & GPT Fundamentals: Begin with an in-depth exploration of AI fundamentals and the mechanics of GPTs. Grasp the foundational concepts that drive these revolutionary technologies.Practical GPT Building: Learn to craft custom GPTs with our intuitive, no-code GPT Builder. This course is tailored for both enthusiasts and professionals, making advanced AI accessible to all.Customization Across Industries: Discover how to adapt Artificial Intelligence for diverse needs. We cover designing GPTs for various sectors including business, legal, educational, and creative fields.Advanced Skills in GPT Builder: Delve deeper into the GPT Builder's capabilities. Enhance your skill set with advanced techniques, equipping you to develop sophisticated and bespoke AI solutions.Insights into the GPT Market: Understand the landscape for custom GPTs. Gain valuable knowledge on effectively showcasing your GPTs, and grasp the intricacies of the GPT Store and the wider ArtificiaI Intelligence market.
Who this course is for
Innovative Professionals & Entrepreneurs: If you're looking to integrate AI into your business or start-up in a unique way, this course will equip you with the tools to create AI models that resonate with your industry's needs.
Educators & Coaches: This course is perfect for those in education or coaching who wish to create customized AI tools to enhance learning and engagement.
All Experience Levels with ChatGPT wishing to learn the GPT Builder and GPT Store
Creatives & Content Creators: From writers to digital artists, this course will show you how to infuse AI into your creative process for groundbreaking results.



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