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Thema: Diablo III Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition Update v1.25 PS4

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    Diablo III Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition Update v1.25 PS4

    Diablo III Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition Update v1.25 PS4 PRELUDE

    11 Files - 10 GB - PKG - EN,DE,ES,FR,IT

    Generations of gamers have battled the demonic hordes of Diablo, and now it's your turn to take part in
    the action-RPG legacy.

    This game features Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion, both together in one definitive volume.

    Prepare yourself, mortal hero. The hellgates are opening.

                               ██▓███   ██▀███  ▓█████  ██▓     █    ██ ▓█████▄ ▓█████
                              ▓██░  ██▒▓██ ▒ ██▒▓█   ▀ ▓██▒     ██  ▓██▒▒██▀ ██▌▓█   ▀
                              ▓██░ ██▓▒▓██ ░▄█ ▒▒███   ▒██░    ▓██  ▒██░░██   █▌▒███
                              ▒██▄█▓▒ ▒▒██▀▀█▄  ▒██  ▄ ▒██░    ▓▓█  ░██░░▓█▄   ▌▒██  ▄
                              ▒██▒ ░  ░░██▓ ▒██▒░▒████▒░██████▒▒▒█████▓ ░▒████▓ ░▒████▒
                              ▒▓▒░ ░  ░░ ▒▓ ░▒▓░░░ ▒░ ░░ ▒░▓  ░░▒▓▒ ▒ ▒  ▒▒▓  ▒ ░░ ▒░ ░
                              ░▒ ░       ░▒ ░ ▒░ ░ ░  ░░ ░ ▒  ░░░▒░ ░ ░  ░ ▒  ▒  ░ ░  ░
                              ░░         ░░   ░    ░     ░ ░    ░░░ ░ ░  ░ ░  ░    ░   
                                          ░        ░  ░    ░  ░   ░        ░       ░  ░
    ░                                          PRELUDE PROUDLY PRESENTS                                         ░
    ░             Diablo.III.Reaper.of.Souls.Ultimate.Evil.Edition.READ.NFO.Update.v1.25.PS4-PRELUDE            ░
    ░ Size ...................: 10.43GB                   ░ Platform ...............: PS4                       ░
    ░ Title ID ...............: CUSA-00433                ░ Release Date ...........: 17-11-2018                ░
    ░ Region .................: Europe                    ░ Format .................: PKG                       ░
    ░ IGN Score ..............: Amazing (9.2)             ░ Genre ..................: Role-Playing Games        ░
    ░ Language ...............: Multi                     ░ Firmware ...............: 4.00                      ░
    ░ Audio ..................: EN,DE,ES,FR,IT            ░ Subtitles ..............: EN,DE,ES,FR,IT            ░
    ░ Files ..................: 53 x 200MB                ░ Version ................: 1.25                      ░
    ░ Year ...................: 2014                      ░ PRO Enhanced ...........: Yes                       ░
    ░ PSN Required ...........: No                        ░ VR Support .............: No                        ░
    ░ Developer ..............: Activision Blizzard       ░ Source .................: PSN Update                ░
    ░ Publisher ..............: Activision Blizzard       ░ Url ....................: (*)░
    ░ Description                                                                                               ░
      *** Update / Patch v1.25 ***
        - Balance changes to many class sets and Legendary items.
      *** Update / Patch v1.24 ***
        BUG FIXES:
        - Fixed an issue where Blood Shards, progress orbs, gold, health globes, and Nephalem Glory globes
          disappeared if players ported to another location leaving no active players in the area.
      *** Update / Patch v1.23 ***
        BUG FIXES:
        - Fixed an issue where Marked for Death with the Grim Reaper rune was incorrectly spreading the damage
          from the skill Frailty.
        - Fixed an issue which allowed certain Necromancer Legendary items to be equipped by non-Necromancer
        - Fixed an issue which caused the six-piece bonus on the Grace of Inarius set to proc the effect of
          Mirinae and other on-hit effects too frequently.
        - Adjusted the Bones of Rathma six-piece set bonus based on player feedback. The six-piece bonus will now
          grant 625% (up from 250%) damage to your minions and Army of the Dead skill for each active Skeletal
          Mage with a total cap of 2500%. With this, players will only need to summon four (down from ten)
          Skeletal Mages to receive the full six-piece set bonus.
      *** Update / Patch v1.22 ***
        BUG FIXES:
        - Fixed a bug where an incorrect value was displayed for a Challenge.
        - Fixed issue that allowed players to dupe items.
        - Fixed issue where former Seasonal heroes were unable to play in remote multiplayer sessions.
      *** Update / Patch v1.21 ***
        - New Class - Necromancer: As a master of the dark arts, you wield the powers of life and death necessary
          to restore the Balance! Necromancers are powerful spell casters who lay waste to their enemies using
          curses and reanimation - along with an obedient cadre of pets. This new class employs a controlled
          gameplay style using the raw materials of life: blood and bone. Accessible by purchasing the Rise of
          the Necromancer.
        - Challenge Rifts: Explore new builds created by fellow players in a weekly static dungeon.
        - New Zones: The fog-enshrouded Moors and the darkened Temple of the Firstborn can be explored in
          Adventure Mode through a new waypoint on the Act 2 map.
      *** Update / Patch v1.20 ***
        BUG FIXES:
        - Fixed various issues with Leaderboards.
        - Fixed a bug causing some users to crash during multiplayer.
      *** Update / Patch v1.19 ***
        BUG FIXES:
        - Fixed crash occuring for some users during gameplay.
        - Fixed a bug where Kadala may not always behave as intended when rolling items.
      *** Update / Patch v1.18 ***
        - This is an optional, recurring game mode that offers players the opportunity to periodically start
        - Players can level Normal or Hardcore characters from scratch without gold, resources, items, or
          previously earned Paragon experience.
        - Seasons offer unique rewards and new challenges.
        - In Seasonal gameplay, Leaderboards will track a variety of competitive player data.
        The Armory:
        - Allows players to save up to five different builds per character.
        Crafting Mat Storage:
        - Items no longer take up Inventory space, and there is no cap for stack size.
        Primal Ancients:
        - Legendary and Set items can now roll as Primal Ancients.
        - These items will roll perfect Ancient-level stats on all affixes.
        Bounty Changes:
        - Bonus Acts have been removed.
        - Large Horadric Chests will be granted when completing five bounties in any act containing the same
          contents as the Horadric and Bonus Caches.
      *** Update / Patch v1.17 ***
        BUG FIXES:
        - Fixed crash occuring for some users during gameplay.
      *** Update / Patch v1.16 ***
        BUG FIXES:
        - Fixed crash occuring for some users on start up.
      *** Update / Patch v1.15 ***
        20th Anniversary Event:
        - Available in January only, hunt down Cultists in Adventure Mode and uncover clues that reveal a portal
          into Tristram's past.
        Updated Legendary Items:
        - Added new legendary powers to some items, and added a new piece to Armor of Akkhan for Crusaders.
        - 4K support added for PlayStation 4 Pro console.
      *** Update / Patch v1.14 ***
        New Torment Levels:
        - This update adds 3 new difficulty levels, raising the Torment level cap to Torment XIII.
        Updated Legendary Items:
        - Added new legendary powers to items and added a new legendary potion.
      *** Update / Patch v1.13 ***
        New Cosmetic Items:
        - New pets and transmog items have been added to the game that can drop from various locations in
          Adventure Mode.
        New Treasure Goblin:
        - A new Treasure Goblin can be found in Adventure Mode called the Menagerist Goblin that has a chance
          to drop one of the new pets added in the patch.
      *** Update / Patch v1.12 ***
        BUG FIXES:
        - Fixed an issue introduced in the 1.11 update that could lead to poor performance.
      *** Update / Patch v1.11 ***
        - A new zone has been added to Act V called the Greyhollow Island. Explore the mysterious island and the
          Tidal Caves beneath. New bounties, events, environments and monsters can be found here.
        - Added Set Dungeons to Adventure Mode. When you attain a six-piece class set, complete objectives in
          these dungeons specifically designed to test your mastery, earn unique rewards, and complete Challenges.
        - Empower your Greater Rifts for an even more fantastic reward! An Empowered Rift offers one additional
          opportunity to upgrade a legendary gem for a price.
        - New and revamped legendary items and class sets.
        - All legendary gems, including the Gem of Ease, are now capped at level 100.
      *** Update / Patch v1.10 ***
        BUG FIXES:
        - Fixed an issue that could cause players to lose items when transferring their save files.
        - Fixed issues with various bounties that could cause them to not be completed.
        - Fixed an issue that could cause a monster in the Ruins of Sescheron to be invisible.
        - Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving a Nephalem Rift after a local Hardcore player had died.
      *** Update / Patch v1.09 ***
        - New Zone "Ruins of Sescheron" has been added to Act III.
        - Unlock Kanai's Cube to break down Legendary items and equip their special effects on your character
          like a passive skill, convert crafting materials from one type to another, and so much more.
        - Crafting materials have been simplified. The materials you find leveling up will be the same ones you
          use at the highest levels.
        - Nephalem Rifts no longer require keystones. There is now only one type of Greater Rift keystone that
          you can use to open any level Greater Rift, up to one higher than your personal best.
        - Adjusted the experience and Rift progress granted by killing monsters so they better reflect the effort
          required to kill them. Monsters that take more time or effort to kill now provide more experience.
        - The amount of crowd control monsters will tolerate has been reduced.
        - Over 40 new Legendary and set items.
        - Battle through four new Torment Levels. The old cap of Torment VI has been raised to Torment X.
        - The Book of Cain has been added to each Act's Town Hub. It can be used to identify all unidentified
          Legendary items at once.
      *** Update / Patch v1.08 ***
        BUG FIXES:
        - Loot is now properly distributed to intended players in local multiplayer.
        - The Key of Evil description is updated.
      *** Update / Patch v1.07 ***
        - Over 50 new Legendary items can be found, including three brand new class sets, updates to classic sets,
          and new gems.
        - New Bounties added, including a brand new bounty type.
        - The Treasure Goblin family continues to grow with the addition of the Gilded Baron, the Insufferable
          Miscreant, and the Gelatinous Sire.
      *** Update / Patch v1.06 ***
        - Ancient Items are a new tier of Legendary items that drop in any Torment level with greater frequency
          at higher levels.
        - The Treasure Goblin family has been expanded to include the Blood Thief, the Odious Collector, and the
          Gem Hoarder.
        - The "Healing" stat has been replaced with "Recovery". This is an estimate of how much Toughness the
          player is expected to recover in combat.
        - Greater Rifts have better monster distribution, improved layouts, and updated Rift Guardians.
        - New map tiles have been added.
        - Non-hardcore players can now resurrect at their bodies.
        - New Legendary items have been added.
      *** Update / Patch v1.05 ***
        - Changed Enchanting cost for rings and amulets.
        BUG FIXES:
        - Monks will no longer become stuck in combat.
        - Merciless Witch will no longer become immune to damage. 
      *** Update / Patch v1.04 ***
        - Greater Rifts are a special type of timed Nephalem Rift that pose a new challenge to players and also
          reward Legendary Gems.
        - Legendary Gems allow customization of gear with specific powers.
        - The Cesspools is a new environment available in Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts.
        - The Vault is a new realm which heroes have a chance to visit when defeating a Treasure Goblin.
        - Ramaladni's Gift is a random drop that adds a gem socket to any weapon that does not previously have a
      *** Update / Patch v1.03 ***
        BUG FIXES:
        - Bonus Acts will now cycle daily.
        - Nephalem Glory description updated.
        - Belial will no longer become immune after using vortex abilities on his arms.
        - Massacre bonuses will be the same for all players in a local game.
      *** Update / Patch v1.02 ***
        BUG FIXES:
        - Improved gameplay performance throughout title.
      *** Update / Patch v1.01 ***
        - The patch delivers PlayStation exclusive content. Players in Adventure Mode will have a chance to
          encounter The Last of Us Nephalem Rift featuring the infamous Stalker, Clicker, and Bloater infected.
          Players will receive "Guise of the Colossi" in their inventory which is a unique set of
          transmogrification plans that unlocks six armor appearances inspired by Shadow of the Colossus.
        - Removed requirement of unique crafting materials for Legendary crafting recipes. The Legendary crafting
          materials will no longer drop. Any existing Legendary crafting materials will turn into grey "trash"
          items and have their sell prices increased. - +% Skill and +% Elemental damage bonuses now display in
          the Character Details pane which give the player more insight into the amount of damage bonuses they
          have accrued from gear.
    ░ Notes                                                                                                     ░
      Previous release 'Diablo.III.Reaper.of.Souls.PS4-GCMR' is an embedded old version (1.12), as always our
      releases are the base version (1.00) of the game + latest update version (1.25) running on the current PS4
      firmware (5.05). Enjoy it!
      Releasing PS4 games without updates it's simply LAME and NOOB work!!! Most, if not ALL RESPAWN releases
      are the base version (1.00) of the game WITHOUT ANY updates. So basically no bug fixes, new features,
      performance improovements, enhancements (ex: PS4 PRO 4K support) and many others available, like the ones
      listed in this game update.
      Tip: When a game contains an update the option 'Update History' will be available once selected the game
      and pressed START button, by selecting it will list all game versions and changes made, if that option is
      not available it means NO UPDATES (1.00) are in the game!!!
      Do make quality releases on SCENE and ALWAYS follow section rules!!!
      (*) Url doesn't match the exact Title ID or version of the game, only illustrative due to unavailability.
      In order to play this game you will need:
        1. A PS4 with Firmware 4.05, 4.55 or 5.05.
        2. A computer running the PS4 Exploit Host:

    ░ Installation                                                                                              ░
        1. Format your USB drive to exFAT file system.
        2. Copy the .pkg file to the root of your USB drive.
        3. Plug your USB drive to one of the USB ports of your PS4.
        4. On your PS4, go to 'Settings' => 'User's Guide/Helpful Info' => 'User's Guide'.
        5. The exploit selection should appear, start one of the HEN exploits.
        6. Go to 'Debug Settings' => 'Game' => 'Package Installer' and install .pkg file.
        7. Start the game and...
        8. Enjoy it!!!
    ░\o_                                          PRELUDE  --  TEAM                                          _o/░


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