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Thema: NewBlueFX Titler Pro v5

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    NewBlueFX Titler Pro v5

    NewBlueFX Titler Pro 5.0.161114

    The Most Efficient Titling Solution for Your Workflow. Designed with feedback from editors like you, Titler Pro 5 is our fastest and most efficient titling tool ever. Titler Pro 5 is an award-winning, 4th generation titling tool that delivers powerful 2D and 3D titles in a fraction of the time.

    The Results You Need - Even Faster
    Create elegant titles or dynamic, 3D motion graphics in seconds with Titler Pro 5’s new still mode and preset animations. Drag and drop, then fine tune to fit your needs.

    Easy to Learn, Quick to Master
    We’ve made Titler Pro 5 even easier to learn with an optimized workspace, improved drag-n-drop workflow, and reorganized control set that will have you mastering it in minutes.

    Multi-Title Management Simplified
    Quickly jump between your titles and edit the text, color or completely redesign a title from scratch with Titler Pro 5’s new multi-title management system.

    Simple to Remarkable in an Instant
    Titler Pro 5 allows you to quickly create a title and then take it to a new level with text extrusion, custom lighting and preset animations. Choose from over 200 built-in styles and templates for an immediate result.

    A Familiar and Intuitive Experience
    You shouldn’t have to spend hours learning a new tool. That’s why Titler Pro 5 mirrors many of the familiar controls of your current titling tool. Providing you with a seamless experience. Exposing controls only when you need them.

    Easily Manage Many Titles
    The new integrated multi-title management system makes it easy to quickly edit text, color and more – all at the same time, from a single location. Plus with template sharing, you can make a single edit and watch it automatically update all of the connected templates.

    The Next Level of Titling:
    Titler Pro 5 matches the speed and workflow of your native title tool so you can unleash your creativity with a range of design capabilities.

    Over 100 Templates
    Get a quick start on your title design with a variety of lower thirds, main titles and bug templates

    Multi-Title Management
    Manage all of your titles from a single interface for easy access

    Built-in Graphic Animations
    Create After Effects style animations like grow, slides and more.

    3D Text
    Quickly create 3D text with simple text extrusion

    Resolution Independent
    Edit in HD, 4K or even 8K.

    PSD & EPS Import
    Import, manipulate and animate PSD or EPS vectors

    Custom Lighting
    Manipulate three different kinds of lights in space

    Keyframe your effects for a customized look that fits your production

    Still Mode
    Speed up your workflow by removing the need for time-consuming caching on your simple titles

    What’s New in Titler Pro 5:
    Added over 60 new improvements to Titler Pro 5. Here are a few of the new key features:

    Still Mode
    Speed up your workflow by removing the need for timely caching on your simple titles

    Quick Edit & Title Designer
    Jump between titles to change text, colors or an entire design without ever leaving the Title Designer interface

    New Control Organization
    Access your library, title list, attributes panel all from within the reconfigured title designer.

    Flexible Workspaces
    Maximize your efficiency with tear-away panels and adjustable workspaces.

    New Animation Presets
    Easily create complex motion graphics with animation presets

    Overhauled Edit Modes
    Achieve greater ease over your text editing, scaling, positioning, layout, and more.

    Timeline Object and Keyframing Control
    Achieve more precise editing and keyframing within your design timeline.

    New Range Select and Lasso Control
    Leverage the new lasso control to attain even more efficiency with enhanced options for a variety of multi-selection tasks. Grab, move and adjust titles or select multiple titles with ease through intuitive positioning and lasso controls.

    Adaptive Duration Management
    Enjoy the freedom of taking a single, animated design and applying it to various title durations.

    NEW Smart Library
    View only what you need in the library depending on your selection.

    Bevel preset thumbnails
    Visual bevel preset options

    Menu structure
    Easily find what you need through a reorganized menu structure.

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