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04.09.14, 14:07
Condense 1.5 Retail

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Typing out has come to a end. Say ‚Hello‘ to Condense. Your easy to use optical character recognition (OCR) application.

Imagine one of the following scenarios:

You’re writing an essay for University and you’ve to quote from a PDF, an EBook or one of your professor’s presentations? That’s a huge amount of text to extract… Loading whole PDFs into your OCR software and cutting out the parts you want is oftentimes more time lost than won.

You are watching a tutorial video on the web which contains several lines of programming code. You can’t find a link to the given example anywhere. What do you do? Retype all those lines?

Condense is featuring:
A 3-Step Workflow:
1. Press shortcut
2. Drag area around your text
3. Paste text

- Simple, yet powerful design
- Small Archive containing the last batch of 5 scans which enables you to scan multiple quotes at the same time
- Textfield with enabled autocorrection which let’s you spot mistakes easily

Format: .app
Size: 98,9 MB
Lang: Englisch
Hoster: Uploaded

[Link nur für registrierte und freigeschaltete Benutzer sichtbar] ([Link nur für registrierte und freigeschaltete Benutzer sichtbar])