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07.08.14, 20:06
Usher 1.1.9

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Identify • Tag • Organize • Watch • Rotate • Crop • Trim • Edit • Merge • Resize • Convert • Integrate • Expand

Usher is your personal movie assistant, making the once-complicated task of managing your movie collection easy and enjoyable. So much so that you'll actually have time to watch your movies, instead of spending all your time organzing them.

Usher's interface allows you to easily group your movies, add informative data tags, find movies in your collection, and, of course, watch any movie you'd like to see.

Usher integrates all your movies under one roof, as it can see and work with videso saved in Aperture, iPhoto, and iTunes. (DRM-protected videos from iTunes must be played back directly in iTunes, of course.)

Usher supports any format that QuickTime™ can play back, including those supported by QuickTime™ extenders such as Perian and Flip4Mac WMV Components. You can watch movies in full screen mode, of course, or in a windowed viewer. In the windowed viewer, you can choose between a floating-then-vanishes overlay controller, or an always-there controller bar positioned outside the movie area.

Lang: Englisch
Size: 7,8 MB
Format: .app
Hoster: Uploaded
PW: mojado

[Link nur für registrierte und freigeschaltete Benutzer sichtbar] ([Link nur für registrierte und freigeschaltete Benutzer sichtbar])